It’s official, Rachel and I have Goulet baby #2 on the way, with a due date of Christmas Day! Nowwww it makes sense why Rachel’s been ‘under the weather’ for the last few weeks, huh? ;) We’ve known for a couple of weeks now, but we had Rachel’s doctor’s appointment earlier today and got to see the heartbeat and everything so we went public with the news :) I know, the ultrasound pic really just kind of stinks and you can’t tell what the heck is going on, but trust me, there’s a little Goulet in there!

This kind of explains why the blogging has been light this week, and will continue to be light for just a little bit. Rachel’s had a lot of morning sickness this pregnancy, so I’m having to help her out a lot. On top of that, our full-time GPC helper is gone right now for two weeks, so I’m flying solo out in the shop. Please forgive my light blogging for the next couple of weeks, and forgive us if we aren’t able to answer the phone right away if you call. I’m still staying on top of emails and putting all of my focus on keeping up with shipping out orders that come in to GPC, but I’m working long hours right now. I’m having to be a bit of a superdad, so I really appreciate your understanding :)

We’re really excited about little Baby Goulet #2 on the way, and we’re going to have a really exciting (to say the least!) Christmas season this year!