Today’s release of the Noodler’s Flex pens was one of the craziest, most exciting event we’ve ever had. was flooded with traffic, breaking any and all previous records we’ve ever had, which is wonderful, but it was not without its stresses. Rachel and I made this video for all of you to see an insight into what the day was like for us, and also to explain some of the technical things that were going on behind the scenes on the most intense day in Goulet history.

Also, Write Time is postponed tonight. We’re having extended family in town just for tonight, so we’re going to spend time with them (that is, when we aren’t packing up orders).¬†We’re sorry! We’re going to make it a special Write Time on Wednesday (6/8) at 9pm EDT. We will be exhausted, for sure, but we feel there’s a lot about this release that warrants discussion and feedback. Sound like a plan?