Rachel and I had a good customer of ours special order a beautiful orange demonstrator Sailor Professional Gear Slim pen (formerly known as the Sailor Sapporo) in a broad nib. She was kind enough to let us ink it up and take it for a test drive so we could see what it’s like and share our experience with you! Thank you for that, you know who you are ;)





The Pro Gear Slim is a bit on the short side capped. Posted though, it was comfortable for both Rachel and me.  Here are some comparison pics from top to bottom: Namiki Falcon, Platinum Plaisir, Pilot Custom 74, and Sailor Pro Gear Slim.


Some more comparisons, top to bottom: Platinum 3776 (Music Pen), Pelikan m800, Lamy Al-Star, Sailor Pro Gear Slim.


The pen writes really, really nice. I’ve heard about Sailor nibs and their smoothness, but this was the first time experiencing it for myself. I’m impressed. They aren’t cheap pens (selling for $156), but they are nice! They fill by cartridge/converter, and the pen comes with both a cartridge and converter so you can start writing straight from the box. The nib is 14k gold plated in Rhodium.



We shot the video and these pictures over a month ago, sorry it’s taken so long to post! We’d ordered this specific one in February, and it took until May to arrive. As it turns out, the broad nibs have since been discontinued and are no longer available. It’s a shame, because we really fell in love with the broad nib. They are available now in fine and medium nibs with demonstrator bodies in pink, green, or orange.

We’d heard a lot of really good things about these pens, and we’ve been considering carrying them for months. After experiencing the pen for ourselves, we fell in love with it and just decided that we’d go for it and start carrying them, what the hey ;) We’ll be stocking them here as soon as we get them in here in the next week or so from this posting.

The Sailor nibs are known for being very smooth, and boy was it. We were sold on them from the first word we wrote. What are your thoughts/experience with the Pro Gear Slim?