Just wanted to give a quick update on the next batch of flex pens. We’ll be restocked on all 11 colors of the Noodler’s flex pens on Tuesday, November 1, 2011, at 12pm EDT. We’ll have MUCH larger quantities than the last release, including many clear pens!

Our shipment will be arriving a few days sooner, but our family will be busy with Rachel’s sister’s wedding all weekend, so we’re going to delay our flex pen release until after the wedding weekend. We’d originally mentioned the Flexpocalypse Round 2 might be this coming week, but delays in getting all of the colors of pens made it so that we wouldn’t be getting everything in until the end of the week, which conflicted with our family plans. It’s always a challenge to balance your work and personal life when you run a small business, and we always strive to put family first. We know you understand and we appreciate your continued patience!

We have resolved some issues with our web server since the last Flexpocalypse, so we don’t anticipate having the same problems with our website as last time. You will see our website go ‘down’ about 5 minutes before the big release while we work to put the pens in stock… then when we go back live at noon, everything will be in stock, ready to checkout seamlessly. You’ll still be able to put other items in your cart, as long as it’s before that 5-minute maintenance window. We’ll have a message up so you know what’s going on!

As for the Ahab flex pens, we still don’t have a firm ETA on the release date. We know that you’re eager to purchase them, and we’ll release them as soon as they’re available. Right now they are currently being produced in good quantities, so it’s just a matter of weeks at this point! We’ll share more as we learn more.