We’re back with another Write Time! This time, on YouTube, due to popular demand :) I was finally able to figure out how to both record on my computer and broadcast at the same time…it’s a bit more work for me to go and post the video on YouTube instead of just using the embedded video on JustinTV, but it’s worth it to avoid some of the technical issues some of you have been having with previous videos.

In this broadcast we talked about:

  • The new Edison Nouveau Premiere LE in Cherry Cordial Ebonite
  • Edison eyedropper conversions, vid here
  • Gold vs. Steel nibs, check out Brian Gray’s thoughts here
  • Noodler’s Ahab pens, and the importance of cleaning them, vid here
Thanks to everyone who joined us live, and a special thanks to Brian Gray for sticking around for a very long (but fun) broadcast.