I got a new toy today! I have other pictures I need to be taking like the Pelikan m200’s and Sailor 1911’s we just got in, but I can’t stop playing with my new lens :) I’ve mentioned before that I shoot all our product photography with a Nikon D3100, and I just got this righteous lens to get the finest detail I can on our pens.

Nikkor AF-S Micro 105mm F2.8 ED

Nikkor 105mm on my D3100

The main advantage of this lens is that I’m able to get very fine details on small objects like nibs and pen ornamentation. I went with the 105mm so that I could have a little more range than some of the other micro (aka macro) lenses, which is especially key when shooting in a light tent like I do. Just check out some of the detail I’m able to get on the Platinum Modern Maki-e Crane pen:

Platinum Modern Maki-e Crane

Platinum Modern Maki-e Crane, ultra-fine detail focused on the Crane’s wing.
Platinum 3776 Steel Nib, detailed focus on the stamped logo on the nib, subtle ‘3776’ on the centerband behind it.

Platinum 3776 Black Century, crisp detail on the feed.

Stepping up my game on our product photography for both GouletPens.com and Ink Nouveau is something I’m taking seriously for 2012, and I have some aggressive projects I’m pursuing. I just wanted to blog to share my excitement as this lens is a bit of a ‘holy grail’ lens for me, and I’m excited about its possibilities. Granted, it’s my first day and I plan to get a LOT better with it, but after messing around for a couple of hours, I’m thrilled with the shots I’m getting so far.