If you’ve been hanging out on the Fountain Pen Network lately, then you’ve likely come across some talk about a group buy of an Edison pen over the last couple of weeks. A group buy is when a bunch of members get together and purchase the same type of pen to get a ‘quantity discount’ spread across the membership. How much of a discount? Well, a custom-only Edison Signature Line pen like the Pearl normally starts at $250 and goes up is going to be available for $170 (acrylic) and $190 (ebonite).

Rachel and I had been keeping a close eye on the development of the idea since it came up. Edison has done several group buy pens in the past for various forums and clubs, but the logistics are always the challenge. You run into issues of shipping, payment processing, email correspondence, etc. We’re actually in development of our next Edison Nouveau pen right now, so we were already talking with Brian Gray about pen designs and materials.

When the issue of all the logistics came up in the thread and our name started to get thrown around, we bounced the idea back and forth with Brian about whether or not our involvement would be beneficial to everyone. Edison has a lot of irons in the fire right now between pen shows, 4 different current production model pens, and one (possibly two) more production pens in the works…so Brian needed the group buy to be well organized and efficiently run for it to be able to happen at all.

Long story short, we were able to offer our services at GouletPens.com to help with the logistics of the group buy. You can see how the whole thing unfolded, as well as the progress as the pens are being produced over on this FPN thread. They are being sold exclusively through us at the Goulet Pen Co.

Brian gave an option of several materials for the pen, with a poll for everyone to select their favorite. There were two that were locked in a dead heat, so Brian’s offering them both! The first is a polished Beige Black Ebonite Swirl, selling for $190:

The other is Cobalt Fleck Acrylic, which is similar in vibrancy to our Cobalt Swirl Premiere, but slightly darker and with a flecked/gem pattern to it instead of a swirl. This pen will sell for $170:

These pens will only be available for a limited time, so you’ll need to purchase it before 11:59pm EDT on Sunday, March 25th to claim your stake. Once the buy period ends, Brian will begin making the pens and in 2-3 months they should all be ready. He will ship them to us, and we will distribute them to their rightful owners.

One of the best benefits to our involvement is that you can combine your shipping with other stuff from our site. Because it’s such a long wait from the purchase time to the delivery of the pens, we’re offering to combine the shipping cost of the pen with anything you purchase at the same time, but we’ll ship you your ‘other stuff’ in our normal 1-2 day turnaround time, then ship the pen to you separately when it’s ready, at our expense (this goes for international customers too!). We thought that would be something pretty cool to offer.

If you have any logistical questions about the 2012 Pearl LE, you’re welcome to post here in the comments, post in this FPN thread (Brian Gray will check in on it periodically), or email us. If you’ve ever been interested in getting an Edison Pearl at a significant discount from the normal custom-only price, you have two weeks to go for it ;)