Write Time 3/14/12

Last night’s broadcast was great, Rachel and I made some ‘night coffee’ and it helped to give us a little energy boost to share everything we needed to talk about before taking our Write Time hiatus. Here’s everything we covered:

  • Official announcement of our new paper brand, Banditapple! These are great little cahier notebooks, with soft off-white (leaning gray) paper that is slightly more absorbent and faster drying than Rhodia/Clairefontaine. It’ll be a great addition to our current paper lineup.
  • 12 new De Atramentis colors just came in, including George Washington, Ben Franklin, and US Constitution
  • Edison Pearl LE pens 
  • Updates on the next Edison Nouveau collaborative pen (only a few weeks away)
  • TWSBI VAC-700 and Micarta drama
  • 5 new Diamine colors coming next week
  • 2 new Pelikan Edelstein colors later this month
  • Rohrer and Klingner glass pens coming in the next month or so
  • March Ink Drop colors
  • Omas Blue drama
  • J. Herbin Poussière de Lune drama
  • Our hiatus and why we’re doing it (Ellie, plus moving our GouletPens shop)
It was a fun broadcast, and Ellie was crazy super cute and well behaved for the first 30ish minutes 🙂 Thanks to everyone who joined us live, it was wonderful to see such support from everyone for the reasons why we’re going to take a little break to recoup. We’re going to come back with a new Edison Nouveau in hand, as well as a renewed perspective on how we can keep making Write Time a fun and exciting time for all of us. We’ll still be blogging and doing everything else as usual, so we’ll be around 😉
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  • John

    I'm excited by your new line of paper. I would be interested in a B5 size – approx 7"x10" and with sufficient number of pages for journaling. I'm now using an Apica 6A10 but long term supply is not certain. So, having Goulet Pen involved with less slick paper is great!
    And thanks for my recent order received last week -will send something for your new wall soon – love the Noodlers Antietam in the Ahab flex on a nice sketch paper. More orders coming!

  • RagingDragon

    I've been looking to try the Basildon Bond  papers so I'm happy to hear you're considering carrying their. I'm especially interested in their light weight air mail paper as nobody seems to be making light weight fountain pen friendly paper. The white and champaigne also look nice.

  • Freddy

    I really like the Basildon Bond.  I have the champagne, that I brought back from Scotland last summer.  It is a very nice shade of off white and looks fantastic when used with earthy red inks like Diamine's Ox Blood or Syrah.  I, too, would like to try their other papers and hope to pick up the white, blue, and air mail versions when I go back to Scotland this summer.

    I sincerely hope the Goulets can get this to open it up to a wider audience.

  • Hmm when you are talking about new features maybe you mean a centerband?????????

  • I can neither confirm nor deny…don't worry, the pen will be released soon enough 🙂 

  • I had Tyler Dahl send me some Basildon Bond and I must say I am impressed. I've heard though that they have no interest in distributing in the US, so I may be fighting an uphill battle there. I will investigate further though, for sure.

  • I contacted Apica before but with no response back. They're either playing hard to get or they don't care to expand. They make good paper though! I appreciate the kind words, John! I'd love to put your letter up on our wall, though it will be moving soon! We have less than two weeks left in our current space, then we'll be moving just two doors down in the same building…but we have to take all our letters down and put them back up!