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Last night’s broadcast was a first for us, two guests in one night! A special thanks goes out Brian Gray of the Edison Pen Co. and Wayne Mullins of Ugly Mug Marketing for taking time out of their night to call in to us. We also tested out some new broadcasting software that greatly improved our video quality. Of course, I accidentally forgot to click a button to have my external mic work for the broadcast, so we did the whole thing with the internal mic, argh! Oh well, so the quality of the audio isn’t as good as it could or should be. C’est la vie.

Brian joined us first to introduce our new Edison Nouveau Encore LE in Flecked Tortoise. It’s a gorgeous material that normally isn’t available in high quantity, but Brian was able to procure enough for us to do a limited run in this Goulet exclusive pen. We’re absolutely thrilled about it, as we’ve been drooling over this pen for the last year or so! I’ll be doing a more comprehensive post with a video soon.

Wayne Mullins also joined us as we announced the winners to our join contest, So You Have A Contest…. Wayne is a marketing guru and author of the book So You Have A Website…Now What?, where he included us in chapter 1. There were 25 lucky winners that will be receiving a copy of his book, a Platinum Preppy, and a Clairefontaine notebook. The winners will all be individually contacted by me, but here they are listed out (some names are similar to other contestants):

Amanda Kay Hagee
Nick B
Katie S.
Achilleas Kontozoglous
Dave Bissett
Lucas J.
Marc Girouard
M. Wochner
Jack Bowers
John the Monkey
Greg G
ILove Rhodia

Wayne was also very generous to spontaneously give 20 extra copies of his book to the first 20 people that emailed him live during the broadcast, thank you Wayne!

It was a fun broadcast, and we really enjoyed it. Thanks to everyone who took time out of their night to hang out with us! We’ll be back again next Wed., Nov. 21st at 9pm EST.

Write On,
Brian Goulet