July Ink Drop Reveal: America!

For the July 2013 Ink Drop, we wanted to pick some colors to represent our country, America! With our Independence Day this month, the timing just seemed appropriate. Here are the colors we chose:

We hope this selection makes you feel a bit more patriotic! Sound off in
the comments what you think of these colors (after you’ve tried them,
of course!).

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  • Adrien

    Nice selection, I wanted to try PR American Blue and Noodler's Eel series. I'm more suspiscious about Noodler's Blue Black: will it stain demonstrator pens (like Bad Blue Heron did to my TWSBI 580)?

  • I honestly am not sure, I haven't tried Blue Black in a demo pen. Maybe someone else has some insight?

  • Suzy Lyons

    I've tried this and it stained. Not terribly, but seems permanent. Since it's a bulletproof ink, I'm pretty sure it will stain any material that has a cellulose component in it.

  • Leon

    No white ink? haha…