Here are some key parts of the video:

  • Fusion 82 unboxing (1:23)
  • Pen overview (4:00)
  • Pen closeup, must see! (9:03)
  • Writing with fine nib (11:51)
  • Writing with 1.3mm stub nib (15:22)

Every since I heard about the release of the Delta Fusion 82, I wanted one. It’s an interesting concept: a steel and gold combination fountain pen that’s meant to react together to help the ink flow smoother. At least that’s how Delta implies it works…the science behind it escapes me a bit, but really I don’t care as much as how it works as much as if it just actually works like they say.

It wasn’t just the function of the fused nib that drew me to this pen, it’s really the whole presentation. The box is awesome, with more design and intention than I have seen in just about any other pen presentation in this price range. The pen itself is very, very attractive, a very comfortable size, a great weight (22g/0.8oz), the materials are stunning and the two-tone nib looks great. All-in-all, this is just a gorgeous pen, at least I think it is.

Delta Fusion 82 in blue, the pictures just don’t do justice!

Delta Fusion 82 nib, stainless steel and 18k gold in extra-fine, fine, medium, broad, and 1.3mm italic.

Delta Fusion 82 centerband, showing the sweet retro font.

Delta Fusion 82 in black

Delta Fusion 82 clip design is simple and classy.

It has a list price of $295 (our price is $236), so it’s more expensive than most of the pens I’m typically drawn to. I wanted to get one of these for myself, for sure, but I also had a good hunch that this is a pen that others would want, as well. I wanted to see if it would be worth seriously considering carrying on But at this price, with 4 pen colors and 5 nib sizes, it’s a huge investment for me to decide to carry these just on speculation. I decided that I wanted to buy one, use it myself, and then put out a video sharing my thoughts and initial impressions on the pen so that I could get your feedback about how the pen looks to you. And that’s just what I’ve done here today.

Here is a summary of my impressions, a biased and unfiltered personal view of this pen as I’ve handled it and used it:


  • It’s beautiful, one of the most attractive pens I have in my whole collection…perhaps the most attractive with that stunning blue!! I’m a sucker for blue.
  • The size is great, very well-balanced and solid-feeling. 
  • The grip is great, the threading is subtle and the step is not obtrusive at all, even though my thumb rests directly on it when I write.
  • The nib was more feedback than I had expected. It’s not glassy-smooth, but rather feels kind of like a soft lead pencil’s resistance on the paper. I usually like really smooth nibs, but this one actually feels really good to me, and is a nice change from most of the other pens I have. It’s not scratchy at all.
  • The flow is generous, but not out-of-control gushing. It’s just about perfect in my mind.
  • The nib, though having a foundation of stainless steel, actually has a small amount of flex, so I was actually able to make my fine nib write out to at least a medium, maybe even a broad. It takes intention and pressure to do so, but you can flex it. I won’t use it for this purpose, but it’s there.


  • The cap doesn’t post as securely as I’d like. Because I have larger hands and the way I hold my pen, it puts a lot of side pressure on a posted cap, and it tends to wiggle loose a bit as I write. I find it more comfortable to write unposted, which is not a big deal because the body is long enough where it’s very comfortable even without posting. 
  • The clip is a bit tight, not that I care because as you’ve seen from my videos, I wear t-shirts every day. But still. I don’t even know if this is truly a ‘con’, I am honestly just not an expert on putting pens in shirt pockets given my personal choice of clothing!

These are just kind of my raw thoughts and impressions on the Fusion 82. It’s a pen that I am looking into selling on my site for $236, but I really wanted to get your feedback on it first. It comes in 4 awesome resin colors: black, blue, purple and brown, and in 5 nib sizes: extra-fine, fine, medium, broad, and 1.3mm italic. I’d be interested in stocking the full line. If you have any experience with this pen, I’d love to hear what you have to say. I’ve always had a very user-driven, grassroots method for deciding which pens to carry in my store, and I want to hear if it’s something you would be interested in me carrying before I just start going for it. What do you think?

Write On,
Brian Goulet