This is the second episode of Goulet Q&A, where I answer your fountain pen, ink, and paper questions. Every week I take your questions on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and, and answer them in this video. I took a lot of the feedback you gave after the first one and made some tweaks and improvements, which include:

  • Time stamps for the start of each question
  • Shorter video overall (36 minutes instead of 50)
  • Overlaid pictures of pens/inks I’m discussing in the video

The tradeoff with doing a little bit shorter video is that I’m not able to answer all of the questions that come in, and I’m sorry for those of you that are asking questions that I leave out. This is still an experiment, so I’m open to feedback about the Q&A video format. I’m liking the way it’s shaping up though! Next week I’ll still have an open forum, but I think I would like to try out some topical vids, so please let me know what topics you might want to see me focus on, such as ink mixing, paper, permanent inks, flex pens, nib smoothing, storing pens, pens for beginners, or anything along those lines.

Here are this week’s questions:


1) @NotMattOhmann- Twitter (1:42):
What/who introduced you to fountain pens, and how long ago was it?2) Shan De Almeida-YouTube (3:06):What is your favorite aspect of the fountain pen community? What makes us special to you, and makes you be an enthusiast with us? Why fountain pens?3) @KwentinBusam- Twitter (7:15):
What is your favorite filling mechanism?

4) @MobyProf- Twitter, Miss Thundercat- Ink Nouveau (9:13):
I’d like to try mixing inks (esp. Noodler’s WoW). What do I need to know NOT to mix (brands, properties)?

5) @fmfisdead- Twitter (14:25):
Would you ever consider having an in house nibmeister? Probably a long shot and not worth it. But would be awesome

6) tendollarword- YouTube (18:01):Any chance of you doing a video on the Monteverde Jewelria?
Also, are you guys going to carry the TWSBI notebooks?

7) Brett Poole- YouTube (19:47):
Thank you so much for fielding my question so thoroughly! I was going to make a Visconti my first “big time” pen. I bought my first fountain pen from you, and (call me sentimental) I want to get a high quality pen in the 150-250 range from you. What’s your recommendation for a juicy broad?8) Christopher Hulsey- YouTube (21:34):
Is there a blue ink that closely matches the blue in your logo?9) PeartFan76028- YouTube (22:53):Could you tell us about all the letters and things behind you on your letter wall?

10) Minibom26RS- YouTube (24:10):
What is your favorite brown ink? What’s your thought on Diamine – Chocolate Brown?

11) Jen D- YouTube (25:06):Flex pens are my new obsession, i recently purchased an ahab and love it. can you recommend: a) a few inks that go nicely with flex pens (good shading, nice flow etc) other than the noodler’s black swans & apache sunset? (already got em!) b) a flex/soft nib pen to graduate up to after the ahab? i really enjoy the line variation i get with the ahab. the price leap after the ahab makes me a little wary, any direction would be greatly appreciated.

12) monkehm- YouTube (27:34):Brian, I found an old Sheaffer fountain pen in my parents’ basement. It’s a lovely pen I’d like to use, but the nibs don’t seem to ever come clean. I’ve rinsed one nib for over half an hour with a bulb syringe and the water still runs cloudy grey from the black ink. Is there anything I can do to speed it up, or are the nibs unusable?
13) Alec Johnson- YouTube (29:03):
What couple pens do you use on a regular basis?14) VallivueLaxPlayer- YouTube (30:24):
Brian, could give us a list (written or off the top of your head) of pens that use a #6 nib? Or do you have a way of knowing what sized nib is on a pen?Thanks so much for a great set of questions, everyone! Keep them coming, I’d love to hear what’s on your mind. Just post here in the comments, and maybe I’ll answer your question next week ;)

Write On,
Brian Goulet