The second post in our four-part Personal Shopper series by our own Katy Campbell! Join us over the next few weeks as she shares her favorite gift ideas.

Happy Cyber Monday, everyone! Now that you have all your stocking stuffers coordinated, it’s time to move onto the good stuff. The rip-apart-the-wrapping-paper-and-pry-open-the-box kind of stuff. These, my friends, are my picks for the best bets that are sure to please any fountain pen fan.

Sometimes when I am wrapping a gift I think to myself, “Is he really going to like this?” “Does my brother honestly need another pair of khaki pants to wear to work?” This year you can say no to that question, because we’ve put together pens and inks where you simply can’t go wrong. Ready? Here we go.

Pilot Iroshizuku Take-Sumi

If you know someone who already loves fountain pens, why not give them the gift of ink? The Pilot Iroshizuku line of ink is elevated in quality and comes in a stunning glass bottle. The Take-Sumi name translates to “bamboo-charcoal” and is a gorgeous black that’s perfect for journaling or short hand note taking in the office. Even if they just use the bottle for a paperweight, it will surely impress come holiday time.

Jinhao X750

WOW! Let’s just talk about this pen for a minute. For under $10, you get a pen that feels like it’s ten times the price. This model is classically designed and has a hearty weight that makes it feel and look expensive. Surely, someone in your life needs to have one of these in his or her collection. It is the best bet for fountain pen lovers and the best bet for your budget.

Lamy Studio

I love, love, love this pen! Lamy is an excellent brand for anyone who likes fountain pens (or who you think might have the slightest interest in fountain pens). I like the time-honored design of the pen that is extremely utilitarian, and is available in a wide variety of colors and finishes. The Studio is simply an uncomplicated crowd pleaser.

Edison Beaumont

The Edison Beaumont has what I like to call “gift-ability” because it looks so lovely in the faux alligator pen case. The unique acrylic design makes for a memorable statement piece. Each time your loved one picks up this pen, they are sure to think about the special holiday season when they got just what they wanted from you.

So tell us, are any of these on your wish list this year? Or are there any best bests that you are always happy to get? Let’s talk about it in the comments below!