Noodler’s has released another batch of Konrad Acrylic Flex Fountain Pens, only the second batch of them that we’ve ever seen. The first batch was in April of 2013, you can see a video of my release here.

These $40 pens are made of acrylic acetate, the same gorgeous material you see typically in much more expensive pens. There are 7 new colors to show, and since there is so much depth and pearlescense to them, I thought it would be best to show them off in a video (even though they won’t be around long, probably). While we have them though, you can pick them up at We have been told there are more colors to be released soon, though soon is a relatively loose term when it comes to Noodler’s pen releases!

The new colors are:

Noodler’s Konrad Acrylic, in Appalachian Pearl

Noodler’s Konrad Acrylic, in Coral Sea

Noodler’s Konrad Acrylic, in Emeralds of the Sun

Noodler’s Konrad Acrylic, in Ghostly Lapis

Noodler’s Konrad Acrylic, in Marbled Marianas

Noodler’s Konrad Acrylic, in Olde Salem

Noodler’s Konrad Acrylic, in Victory Garden

What do you think of the new colors? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear about your favorite.

Write On,
Brian Goulet