Several years ago we launched the Edison Nouveau Premiere, the first collaborative pen with Brian Gray of the Edison Pen Co. We’ve offered it in four acrylic colors, and done three ebonite limited editions, to date. Through this process, we’ve thought about many, many potential colors and materials to use. We always end up going a little conservative because we know the pen has to have at least an element of mass appeal. There have been many materials that we want so badly to use, but often chicken out just because it seems to wild, too risky, or too unpopular to offer for years (potentially).

After going through this process for our 2013 Premiere LE, Rachel had the fantastic idea of doing seasonal Special Editions. The idea was that we would pick one color for each season of the year, to be used only for that season and then retired. This would allow us to constantly freshen up the line, get to choose at least 4 new pen colors each year, and have the freedom to choose some less conventional colors since they aren’t going to be around for long anyway! Brian Gray was totally on board, and we immediately got to work.

For our first ever seasonal Special Edition, we let Brian Gray have the honor of choosing a color he’d been wanting to use. It’s called Black Ice, and it’s really cool (pun totally intended). The color is a silvery-white that is semi-translucent, with gray/black swirls and just a few streaks of cobalt blue mixed in. It’s perfect for our Winter 2014 Premiere, and we’re excited to kick off this new offering with this material.

How the Seasonal Special Editions Will Work

We’ll be releasing 4 pens a year, one around each of the change of the seasons. We’re a tad late with the Winter 2014 pen, but ongoing we’ll have each pen available for around 3 months. Our next one will be late March, then late June, late September… and that leaves us just before Christmas for the Winter one, so we’ll probably end up releasing that one either in early December or just wait until early January, we haven’t quite decided that one yet.

We’re very open to ideas about future colors, nothing is locked in. We’d actually love to know what you’d want to see us use! Brian Gray has an album of material samples here that you can browse, and we’d love for you to post which materials you think would look good in a seasonal Premiere in the comments below.

The Winter 2014 Premiere is available here for purchase immediately, in extra-fine, fine, medium, broad, 1.1mm, and 1.5mm stub stainless steel nibs. They are standard international cartridge/converter pens, and can be converted to eyedropper fill. They will be available for the same price as regularly offered Premieres at $149, from now until the end of March. After that, no more Black Ice pens will be made and what we have in stock at that time is all that will be left. We aren’t numbering these pens or limiting how many will be produced during their season, but once the end date rolls around, no more.

We’re really excited to be offering these seasonal Premieres, it’s something we see as a great way to offer you a wide variety of materials and keep things really fun and interesting. What do you think?

Write On,
Brian Goulet