Comparing Caran d’Ache Chromatics Inks

Now that Caran d’Ache has released their Chromatics Inkredible line, I can show you how it compares to the old Colors of the Earth line that was discontinued in early 2013. While I’m at it, I’ll break it all down and show you inks from other brands that are similar to these 12 new inks. This is a long vid that you’ll love if you’re an inkophile!

A few video notes with timemarkers:

What are the brand’s properties like as a whole? (1:00)
Comparing Chromatics Inkredibles to Colors of the Earth (3:54)
Comparing each color to similar colors across brands (7:10)

Cosmic Black (7:26)

Delicate Green (8:04)

Divine Pink (8:25)

Electric Orange (9:04)

Hypnotic Turquoise (9:34)

Idyllic Blue (10:09)

Infinite Grey (10:54)

Infra Red (11:42)

Magnetic Blue (12:25)

Organic Brown (13:18)

Ultra Violet (13:44)

Vibrant Green (14:42)

What do you think?

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Brian Goulet

2017-10-11T14:38:03+00:00 February 24th, 2014|Ink Reviews|2 Comments
  • Indira

    Thanks for taking some time to do a comparison video. I’m new to bottled ink and it’s very helpful to have the side by side views.

  • erizo1

    Brian, I found your video comparing the ink capacities of the various Pilot converters very helpful, and I would love to see you expand it to include other brands' converters. For example, I'm wondering how much more capacity I would have if I replaced the Jinhao converter with an international standard; how the Jinhao converter compares to my Pilot, Platinum, and Lamy converters; and how much of an increase in ink capacity I would get from one of the piston fillers you sell over the cartridge converter pens I have now. Thanks so much for the great resources!