It’s time for a new Goulet Q&A, and this week I’m covering a ton of different Lamy questions. A lot of them ended up being pretty straightforward, so I crammed a lot of them in a short time. And I even showed off some pens up close that I haven’t shown before!

Here are this week’s questions:

1) Bryan M.- email (1:41):

Given that I disassemble my safaris and al-stars to clean them, I have noted over time that the nibs seem to fit more loosely on the feeds.  The nibs are not falling off; they just slide off and on a little too easily.  I assume that pinching the nibs together at the points where they slide onto the feeds will help, but how can I do this without affecting the tines and throwing off their alignment?  Thanks!

2) Kevin M.- email/@nivelacuso- Twitter (3:25):
How can you apply silicone grease to the Lamy 2000 filling system and why will Lamy not sell nibs for the 2000. I have inquired to Lamy directly and they require you to return the pen for them to change the nib?

3) Chris H.- Facebook (5:58):
Does Lamy have plans to break into the high-mid level bracket? Like something on tier with a Pelikan M800, for example?

4) Joseph Q.- Facebook (7:08):
I would like to see Brian’s complete Lamy collection and his recommendations for starting a Lamy collection.

5) @Senecabud-Twitter (11:05):
Will Lamy make their violet ink in bottles instead of just cartridges?

6) Wesley S./Joe S.- Facebook (11:50):
Why buy different model Lamys on the lower end when all the nibs are the same? Why Should I pay $100 more for a better barrel and cap?

7) Pavel V.- Facebook (13:15):
Is there a waterproof Lamy ink?

8) Justin L.- Facebook (13:37):
Are there other converters that would fit Lamys with larger ink capacity?

9) @Peninkcillin- Twitter (14:54):
Any cheaper piston-fillers in the works besides the Lamy 2000?

10) Michelle B.- Facebook (15:22):
Two questions about my Lamy Studio – I’ve got one of the limited edition violet ones. Is it common for the matte finishes to chip around the edge of the lid? And is there anything I can do about a squeaky nib? I love the way it writes except for that.

11) Juan F.- Facebook (17:02):
What Is the best way to clean the translucent grip section of the Al-Star?

12) Heath C.- Facebook (19:20):
Is there any way to purchase a complete set of nibs together? Or if not, how do we get the case that holds them all that I’ve seen in some pictures in the past.

13) Alex Y.- Facebook (20:56):
Tell me about the lefty nib. What differentiates it from the regular nibs? What is your preference for a fast drying ink that won’t smudge as readily? I just bought my first fountain pen, a Lamy Vista. Very excited to try it out. I also got the fast drying noodler ink and the lefty nib.

14) Chad T.- Facebook /@pensomnia- Twitter (23:23):
When are they going to make a purple Safari?

15) 林理谙- Facebook (24:14):
Will there ever be a green Al-Star? Or was there ever a green al-star that I missed?

16) John D.- Facebook (25:04):
Does lamy make right foot oblique stub nibs? I’ve heard they do but my google-fu on this topic is apparently not strong.

17) Dan C.- Facebook (27:32):
What is your top selling color of lamy ink (bottle)?

18) Ahmed K.- Facebook/@zchen999- Twitter (28:28):
Can you show us some of the less common models like the Logo, CP1 and Scala? I don’t think you’ve done videos on them and I find your overviews to be quite useful when considering a purchase

19) Kevin K.- Facebook (32:03):
Something that I’ve always wondered is why is the 2000 the only piston filler in Lamy’s lineup? Surely they could release other piston fillers.

20) Kathy S.- Facebook (32:50):
I love my Lamy safari I have a fine nib is there a extra fine nib available ?

21) Steve B.- Facebook (35:14):
What are the major differences between a Lamy Studio and a 2000 and why do the prices vary so much in each of the models?

22) Josh C.- Facebook (37:39):
Favourite lamy 2000 nib size and why? I’m between fine and EF. I’m a student who writes notes often, and I sometimes fine my safari f nib too wide. Any advice? Thanks

23) Allyson C.- Facebook (39:47):
How do I perfect my Lamy nibs? I try to get them (using the kit from your store) smooth, but they still catch on some paper. (they’re quite alright with Mead binder paper, but once on any other “cheaper” paper, they start to get scratchy. ):

24) Francisco G.- Facebook (42:15):
How do you remove the feed on an Al-Star.

Thanks so much to everyone who asked questions this week. Good stuff! Next week I’ll be going back to an Open Forum, so ask whatever questions you have in the comments below. If you’ve missed any previous Q&A’s, be sure to check them out here. Have a great week!

Write On,
Brian Goulet