Thank goodness, Lamy Z24’s are finally back! It’s literally been over a month since we sold out of them, and we’ve been backordered on them all this time. We normally keep very high reserve quantities of these converters on hand because they’re a staple product that we know you always want the option to pick up.

Lamy Z24 Cartridge Converter

Lamy recently moved their warehouse across the country and though we tried to buy up converters and other key products in advance, we still were hit with extended outages of some key things like these converters. Thankfully, Lamy has a Z26 converter that’s very similar and is interchangeable (see this video I made on that here), so at least we had some of those during parts of the outage. And of course Lamy released the new BlueGreen Al-Star and announced the Neon Coral Safari (set to arrive in May) during the time we had no converters…

But just today we got a huge shipment of Lamy converters back in, so we’re going to be all set for a while. Thank you so much for being so patient!

Write On,
Brian Goulet