Goulet Q&A is now available as an audio podcast! Click here  for the RSS feed to use in your podcast app of choice, or click here for a direct download.This week I talk about inks, nibs, and the effects of cold weather on pens! I really ramble on a bit today, only covering 8 questions, but I go in-depth about some of the behind-the-scenes logistics of how we do our ink sampling. Enjoy!

1) Nguyen T.- Facebook  (8:57) 
What are your top 5 favorite shading inks within the Noodler family? Let’s leave out Noodler’s apache sunset since it’s sadly out of stock for the time being.

2) Jay K.- Facebook  (15:03) 
Is there a gold nib available for the Lamy Safari? I know this sounds like putting a Ferrari engine in an Accord, but I have a three-point grip and the Safari section is perfect for that. All I’ve used up to now are stainless steel nibs, and I want to see what all the fuss is about.
  • there is a 14k nib that’ll fit a Safari
  • sells only on certain Studios
  • used to be available from Lamy USA, isn’t anymore
    • heard rumors they might consider carrying them, but that’s not confirmed
  • 14k Lamy nib is pretty awesome! worth the price though?

3) Elizabeth S.- Facebook (17:53) 
New to fountain pens, have a Lamy Safari fine nib and an Ahab Flex pen; I really like the way both feel and write, but appreciate the look of the Flex too (such a beautiful pen). I use my pens primarily for note writing. What would you suggest for my next purchase, a well-priced pen that is beautiful and feels good in the hand, and would broaden my experience with fountain pens.

4) Nigel L.- Facebook (24:23) 
When will we be able to sign-up for the new style Ink Drop?
  • very soon, you’ll get an email if you were a previous member
  • we’ll blog about it, too
  • bear with us!

5) Eric O.- Facebook (27:08) 
Now that the cold weather is upon us, what are the risks associated with fountain pens and cold weather? Ever hear of someone’s pen exploding from freezing? Here in South Dakota -10 is common in January and February.
  • some inks don’t do so great in transit in the cold, esp. Diamine
  • haven’t heard of a pen exploding, no
  • carrying the pen, keep it insulated, or in a shirt or pants pocket that’s close to your body (shirt is best)
  • check out Noodler’s Polar inks

6) Beth T.- Facebook (31:30) 
Talk to us about the Omas pens and if you’ve ordered enough for all of us!

7) Dionne C.- Facebook (38:54) 
I bought a Pilot Custom 74 (your love child) per your raving about it from Goulet pens. I love the pen but have one issue. Ink gets trapped in the nib section that I can’t get out when I pull the nib to clean. In between the nib and collar I guess. What can I do to get it out. This is the only draw back of this pen. Totally unrelated, cake with out a doubt.
  • yup, I have the same dang thing on my pen
  • I just live with it, but it’s the pimple on this otherwise flawless beauty
8) Alexandre J.- Facebook (42:08) 
I like to ink drop myself every couple of months with your random ink sample package, and I was wondering what the process is for picking random inks, and also if it’s possible to add a comment in the order to restrict the pool of random inks, perhaps exclude a color category or two. Although of course I realize that can easily be abused, for example by asking for 8 random samples among Kaweco’s 8 ink colors
  • it’s pretty dang random!
  • all our samples are pre made
  • we have to watch out for low-inventoried colors
  • we really try to mix it up and vary it by price, too, even though they’re only $1.25 each
  • it is the most popular ink sample color we sell
Make sure to ask me any questions what you want in the comments below and I’ll try to add it in. Be sure to check out old Q&A’s you’ve missed here, and have a great week!Write On,
Brian Goulet