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It’s been a dramatic week! We’ve been trying to launch our new site and while we kept it secret because we didn’t want to end up being the boy who cried wolf, we find ourselves being just that because we keep hitting snags and having to push out the release. But hey, it’s all good because we were just able to sneak in the new site release on Friday night 11/14/14! And here I’m just publishing Q&A now at 11:37pm. ;)
This week I talk a lot about Noodler’s Neponsets and other flex pens, the biggest Goulet flop product, and how I feel about giving an office tour:
1) @NoMercyNotices- Twitter – (8:43)
Is Platinum selling separate nib units? I’d like to have their music nib on my #3776 Century, but don’t want to buy another pen.

  • we can special order them, but it’s the whole grip of the pen
  • costs more than half the pen, but you can do it
2) MLSxEazoon- YouTube – (10:10)

I can’t carry my Noodler’s Ahab around much without ink getting all over the inside of the cap and the grip section.  Do more expensive pens, specifically the Pilot Metal Falcon and the Pilot e95s have this same problem?

  • not really
  • it does happen though, my Custom 74 has drips of ink all the time
  • worse with the Ahab though, the wide open ebonite feed is just saturated with ink
3) Jackie M. – Facebook – (13:24)
Is the new Noodler’s Neponset as “temperamental” as the other Noodler’s Flex Pens? I have an Ahab, and I have to give it a major overhaul every time I want to write with it. Is there a reasonable priced modern flex pen out there that doesn’t require excessive “tweaking?”
  • I would expect it to be tempermental, yes
  • I don’t know what major overhaul means, but thats not really normal
  • heat setting?
  • Reasonably priced is subjective, but alternatives are Pilot Falcon ($144) and up from there
4) Vanessa S. – Facebook – (28:40)
What other flex pen would you recumbent if Noodler’s is taken out of the context?
  • for the price? nothing
  • I remember before Noodler’s pens were around
  • Falcon was the cheapest, unless you got a vintage ‘deal’ somehow
  • restored vintage pens were way expensive
  • today, there’s the Pilot Falcon, Omas Ogiva Alba
    • not advertised as flex, Platinum Cool, Platinum Modern Maki-e

5) @BikeSC- Twitter – (32:54) 

At some point, I would like to get a Neponset. Are there going to be repl nibs and feeds available? Will other nibs fit?
  •  I seriously doubt repl nibs will be available, could be wrong though
  • other nibs???

6) @ctrymaus- Twitter – (34:33)
What pens need to be pre-washed/flushed before filling to avoid skipping?
  • good practice for all new pens, and anything already inked
  • you can wing it like I do sometimes, and just clean if there’s a ‘problem’

7) @paul_joynes- Twitter – (36:31)
I have bottles of discontinued ink that I don’t plan on opening for years. Should these be stored in the refrigerator?
  • you want it in a cool, dry place
  • refrigerator shouldn’t hurt it if it’s closed securely
  • If it isn’t secure, lower humidity in the fridge could cause it to dry out sooner
8) Eddie R.- Facebook – (39:26)

Have there been any products you thought were going to do well at Goulet that just flopped or failed to meet the demand you thought they would bring?

  • sketchbooks, Clairefontaine GraFit, Stillman&Birn
  • Pelikan m200’s
  • Pilot Raden Water Surface and Stripe, started strong, then dropped off hard
  • Sailor 1911S
9) Michael K.- Facebook – (49:41)
Does the Pilot Custom 74 and Pilot Heritage 92 have the same nib?
  • yup!!

10) Chad C.- Facebook – (50:31)
In a recent video, many Goulet fans had gotten a small look behind the curtain with the glimpse of what the rest of your office looks like. I can’t speak for others, but that small reveal left me wanting to see more of the Goulet offices. Are there any plans to make a video giving a tour of Goulet Headquarters? P.S. When Santa asks me what I want for Christmas this year, I’ll be wishing for a tour video.
  • this will definitely happen at some point, yes
11) @gozes- Twitter – (55:26)
Will you consider offering the goulet nib in soft?

  • I would consider it, but Jowo doesn’t do one, so I’d be shopping
  • not something i think is realistic right now

12) @LucyHoneychurch- Twitter – (56:28)
Have Clairefontaine paper with seyes ruling, but the lines are very dominant, are there other companies that sell seyes ruling?
  • somewhere, probably, but I can’t name one

13) Mary B.- Facebook – (58:20)
You have such a luscious cornucopia of inks, but since I’m a writer who doesnt traffic in shading or art, what inks should I steer clear of, or doesnt it matter?
  • mostly what I do is write, too
  • I like shading just in my writing, not for art reasons like you see in our Monday Matchups

Thanks so much for spending time with me this week, I really appreciate it. Thanks so much for continuing to ask questions, and I’m sorry to all those whose questions I couldn’t answer today. Be sure to check here if you have any old Q&A’s that you missed. Have a great rest of the week!

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