This week’s Monday Matchup mascot will take on all comers in a staring contest.

Caitlin from Customer Care conjured up the Snowy Owl after staring out the window at the white, fluffy stuff for the better part of a week during a rare southern snowstorm that hit Goulet HQ.

Inspired by that snow, plus a little J.K. Rowling and Mr. Owl from the throwback Tootsie Pop commercials — we include one in every shipped order — the owl was conceived. The Delta Unica Blue in Fine fountain pen and Noodler’s Lexington Gray ink even supplied the perfect shades of blue and gray for our little nocturnal creature.

But he looked a little too serious for us — so, poof — we accessorized, mixed, and matched until we had a friendly old owl with a penchant for lollipop-licking arithmetic. It just so happens that the Delta Unica in Blue is a wise choice for professionals seeking a practical pen fit for note taking and paperwork. And Noodler’s Lexington Gray allowed Caitlin to add great detail and depth to the Snowy Owl. One word of warning: this is a permanent (“bulletproof”) ink. Once the nib hits the page, there is no going back, so plot out your quarterly reports, musings, and doodles carefully.

Please go ahead and stare if you’d like. We’ll take it as a compliment :)

The Delta Unica Blue in Fine is available for $76 at, while Noodler’s Lexington Gray is available in a 3oz bottle for  $12.50 or as an ink sample for $1.25.

Write on,

The Goulet Pen Company