Spring has officially begun and the flowers will soon be blossoming, which means it’s time to announce our color choice for the Spring 2015 Edison Nouveau Premiere fountain pen! This season’s color is Lilac, a pearlescent soft purple with white swirls.

The $149 seasonal Premiere is a special pen that we produce exclusively with Edison Pen Co. for a 3-month period, and once that period ends we discontinue the color. Lilac will be available from now through (approximately) June 2015. This is the 6th seasonal Premiere we’ve done since we began. We love it because we get to pick more adventurous colors than we’d typically be inclined with a pen that is perhaps more universally appealing.



Special Features:

  • Translucent cast-resin material, shows ink level (especially in eyedropper mode)
  • EF, F, M, B, 1.1, 1.5 stainless steel polished nibs
  • Nibs are interchangeable and additional ones are sold individually
  • Standard international cartridge/converter filling (converter included)
  • Eyedropper convertible for increased ink capacity
The Lilac is a beautiful addition to our Edison Nouveau Premiere lineup, and we’re pleased to offer it to you exclusively at GouletPens.com for $149 for the next three months. Check out more specific details and specs on our site, and feel free to ask questions and leave comments below.



Write On,
Team Goulet