Signed, sealed, delivered…. Atelier Gargoyle Sealing Wax!
Atelier Gargoyle closed for business in late 2019 and their products are no longer available at

Wax sealing letters is a tradition that began centuries ago. To verify that the contents of letter had not be opened and read, senders would seal and stamp their correspondence. Because it is very easy to see if a wax seal has been tampered with, the receiver would immediately be able to tell if the secrets imparted in the letter had been read by prying eyes.

Obviously, times have changed and the necessity of signet rings and wax seals to secure the contents of your correspondence has long since faded. However, stamping your letter with a special seal and favorite wax imparts a romantic and nostalgic notion, which is why many people still choose to seal their letters in this fashion. The modern postal system demands some adjustments to traditional hard wax seal which is why companies like Atelier Gargoyle provide flexible sealing wax in a wide range of colors to make your letter both personal and postal friendly.

Signed, sealed, delivered…. Atelier Gargoyle Sealing Wax!

Atelier Gargoyle is owned by another husband and wife team. Linnea and Ward have been experimenting with making their own sealing wax since the early 1990s. Passionate about correspondence and letter writing, they first used their wax in their personal correspondence and eventually branched out into public sales in 2003.

To make each wax stick, they mix up small batches and pour them into special molds from which individual sticks are removed and trimmed. As you can see, the wax sticks come in a rainbow of exciting colors and are conveniently sized for use on letters. Each stick is composed of natural resins, beeswax,
synthetic resins, pigments for color and essential oils for scent. The
synthetic resins give the wax toughness, tenacity, and flexibility.

Signed, sealed, delivered…. Atelier Gargoyle Sealing Wax!

In addition to the range of colors offered, this sealing wax is unique because of its gorgeous scent. The owners consulted with noted herbalist Jeanne Rose to find the right essential oils to scent the wax. A combination of cassia, nutmeg, clove bud, litsea cubeba, lavender, vetiver, and pine create a lasting scent that will survive a trip through the postal service. While melting, the scent turns citrusy but in stick form or after dried on the page, it has a pleasant earthy scent.

Each beautiful stick of wax bears a calligraphic rendering (done by Ward) and the business name (Atelier Gargoyle), along with the medieval alchemical symbols for “wax” and “spirit or essence”. After applied to letters, the metallic sticks are mostly opaque while some of the lighter colors are surprisingly see through.

Signed, sealed, delivered…. Atelier Gargoyle Sealing Wax!
Signed, sealed, delivered…. Atelier Gargoyle Sealing Wax!

Wondering how to add a wax seal to your letter? Watch this fantastic video done by Brian in the early days, featuring J.Herbin sealing wax:

One stick of sealing wax can go a long way, but once you get down to the end, don’t throw it away! This video that demonstrates how you can use your full stick of sealing wax without burning your fingers.

Signed, sealed, delivered…. Atelier Gargoyle Sealing Wax!

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