Hi fountain pen friends! We wanted to let you know about something special happening during the month of May. Our Noodler’s and Platinum distributor, Luxury Brands, will be donating a portion of their sales of certain products to Melanoma Cancer Research. John and Carol Gillett of Luxury Brands lost Carol’s brother, Brad, in 2015 to Melanoma. Because of this, research for this disease is very important to them.

John and Carol have committed to donating at least $2,500 and more depending on sales during the entire month of May, which is Melanoma Awareness Month. The included pens are black, as the remembrance ribbon for Melanoma is black. You won’t need to do anything different when purchasing these pens, just purchase as normal from us or any other Noodler’s retailer. All of the included pens will have this information included on the product page on our site during May.

Black Ahab Flex, $23

Black Pearl Ahab Flex, $23

Konrad Black Brush Pen, $20

Black Standard Creaper, $16.10

Black Pearl Standard Creaper, $16.10

Platinum Balance – Black, $43.20

Thank you for your support!

Write on, 
The Goulet Pen Company