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In this episode, I talk about how to make inks permanent, my thoughts on the Lamy 2000 50th anniversary pen, and how to clean ink off your 3-year old!

This week:
  • Lots of solid questions this week, it was tough to choose
  • Pokemon Go is apparently taking over the world
  • visited family this weekend, birthday blitz
  • Went to see Alter Bridge live!
  • Q&A Guest with Myke Hurley recorded in April
  • Two Goulet newsletters now

New/Upcoming Products – (2:55)

Pens/Writing – (8:26)
1) @Foervraengd- Twitter – (8:29)
Which fountain pens are the most vs least ergonomic for ppl who spend a lot of time drawing and writing?

2) Alexander T.- Facebook – (19:06)

Do you think nib creep can hinder ink flow? I’ve noticed on both my Pilot Custom 74 and 92–and with either Noodler’s Bad Blue Heron or Bad Belted Kingfisher–that there is fair bit of ink that dries on top of the slit due to nib creep…more so than on some other pens. It doesn’t seem to be as much of a problem on steel nibs. Would it be best to wash it off periodically, between full flushes/cleans?

  • nib creep is mainly aesthetic, it alone doesn’t impede ink flow
  • it depends on the nib/feed/ink how much it’ll do it
  • it’s good to give it a wipe here and there, maybe a swirl in a cup of water
  • cleaning periodically (every couple of weeks) is always helpful
  • in general though, you don’t need to treat your pen anything special if it’s nib creeping, other than using it as an incentive to actually clean your pen more regularly (it’s a visual cue)
3) awhrad- Instagram – (22:30)
When companies say they issue a specific # of a special edition do they issue that # in each of the nib sizes they offer or do they divide up that # amongst their nib size offerings? I purchased an Omas Lemon Vodka cocktail from you earlier this year #094 out of 327. My nib is fine ExtraFlessibile. Did Omas make 327 Fine ExtraFlessibilie Lemon Vodkas?
  • there aren’t hard fast rules about this, but in general the numbering goes for all nib sizes included in a limited edition run
  • sometimes companies will delineate between rollerballs and fountain pens, but usually the FP’s are with a mix of nib sizes
  • different countries have a different level of popularity, and if their projections are way off, they’ll sometimes swap nibs to be more in line with demand
  • Omas did 327 of each color, so 327 Blue Angel, 327 Lemon Vodka, and 327 Bloody Mary

Ink – (25:51)

4) skitch2310- Instagram -(25:53)
Is there anything you can add to non permanent inks to make them permanent? If so, does it affect the ink in any other way?
  • yes, you can mix them with permanent inks
  • it can affect the properties, and that will depend on what you’re mixing so be ready to experiment
  • I know I’ve seen FPN threads on this before
  • Noodler’s is best for this, especially if you want to have it for security reasons (forge resistance) you can mix Blue Ghost with your ink
  • when you mix a permanent ink with a non-permanent, it’s the permanent component that will stay behind when washed
  • be experimental when mixing any inks, especially across brands, work in small quantities and test before inking in a pen
Personal – (30:32)
5) @cadnpen instagram – (30:35)
I’m just interested to know where did Brian get that weird looking yet still kind of awesome clock. It is a clock right?
  • it is a clock, and I made it!
  • Amboyna burl

Business – (33:52)6) Donovan P.- Facebook – (33:54)

Your packaging is fairly unique, and frankly legendary (I love the blue shrink wrap and lots of bubble wrap), how did you develop such a thorough and effective packaging system?
  • a lot of it was trial and error from the early early days
  • I started out with bubblewrap very early on, that was so clearly the safest way to pack
  • stretch wrap started about 6 months in, especially once we started to sell larger orders with a lot of different things in it
  • the challenge has always been packing small for economy and packing safe
  • while our process is essentially the same, it has been honed and toned over the years by our team, and we try a lot of techniques to make sure it’s truly the Goulet experience
  • I do get flak sometimes for waste in packaging, and I understand that argument
  • we’ve tried a lot of other products, with mixed success
  • eco-friendly materials are often sub-par in their performance, greatly increased in price, or their suppliers are completely unreliable, but I’m always open to new methods
7) briiankiim- Instagram – (39:38)
What are your thoughts on the Lamy 2000 Anniversary Edition! Also, what are your thoughts on how Lamy as a company has grown and the direction it has when it comes to pens and style
  • I think the hopes were that Lamy would do something really crazy for the 50th 2000, and it just isn’t that crazy
  • I have yet to see it in person, I suspect it’ll look pretty cool
  • They clearly weren’t going for mass production here, only 5000 pieces (which is really not many for them)
  • I recently read an article that they make 7 million pens a year
  • Nothing they’ve ever done with the Lamy 2000 has ever been extreme, wild, or vibrant
  • I had hopes it would be something really outlandish, but they are going really conservative which doesn’t really shock me
  • They have traditionally been pretty conservative in their approach to new products, and this stays in line with that mode
  • The Lamy 2000 is their flagship pen, and it has changed little over the last 50 years
  • I think it will be mainly the Lamy collector/superfan that will want to buy this particular pen, and for everyone else, the Black Lamy 2000 will be a better choice
Troubleshooting – (45:00)
8) Jacob M.- Facebook – (45:02)

How does one get just under 3oz of Noodler’s Bad Black Moccasin off of a desk, carpet, and 3-year-old?

  • oh no!!! BBMoc is one of the most permanent inks around!
  • it’s cellulose reactive, so it depends what it’s spilled on how bad it’ll stain
  • Desk: if it’s bare wood, then heaven help you! Finished wood you might be okay with regular ammonia-based cleaning agents, maybe a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
  • Carpet: Jute, wool, or another natural material, forget it. Nylon, a pro should be able to get it out. Olefin, I’m not sure, it’ll probably come out though
  • 3-year old, they’ll be just fine :) It’ll wash off…eventually! Should be just fine
QOTW: What are your thoughts on Limited Edition pens? Which ones do you find worth it? – (50:17)

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