Which Fountain Pens Fit the Goulet #6 Nibs?

Goulet Pens has offered our own line of #6 size replacement nibs for a few years now. One of our most frequently asked questions from customers is what pens are compatible with these nibs. In a
recent episode of Goulet Q&A, Brian gave a comprehensive and up-to-date list of the pens that we carry that will accommodate a #6 size nib.

DISCLAIMER: Swap nibs at your own risk! Swapping nibs on your pens will void the manufacturer’s warranty on the pen and you will be responsible if anything were to be broken or damaged during the swapping process. Repair from the manufacturer will not be available.

Here are the pens mentioned in the video:

Conklin All-American
Conklin Duragraph
Conklin Herringbone
Conklin Nighthawk (already features a Goulet Nib)
Edison Beaumont
Edison Collier
Edison Nouveau Premiere
Jinhao x450
Jinhao x750
Jinhao 159
Karas Kustoms Ink
Montegrappa Fortuna
Monteverde Giant Sequoia
Monteverde Invincia
Monteverde Mountains of the World
Nemosine Singularity
Noodler’s Ahab (Does not fit reliably on the Konrad anymore)
Tactile Turn Gist

While this is not a complete list of all the options that’ll be able to swap with a Goulet nib, it is a very thorough list of some of the most popular options available. We hope this helps provide a good starting point for anyone looking to change up their writing experience. Not sure how to go about swapping those nibs? Check out Brian’s tutorial on swapping Jinhao nibs!

Have you ever swapped any of your nibs? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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