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In this episode, I talk about the strangest inks I’ve tried, making a Goulet pen, and moving on up!

This week:
New/Upcoming Products: – (8:35)

Pens/Writing – (11:35)

1) William Y.- Facebook – (11:36)
What are your thoughts on putting in a little bit a liquid soap into flex pens to stop them from railroading? My Pilot Falcon seems to railroad a lot even with pilot ink but a little soap solve the issue completely. Love to hear your thoughts.
  • I’ve heard of some folks doing this, or just adding straight glycerine
  • honestly, I haven’t tried it myself so I don’t have firsthand experience
  • the people I’ve heard do it generally like it, though it’s a “do at your own risk”
  • if you want to experiment with it, try in small quantities first, as you won’t be able to undo it
  • if your Falcon is railroading, you could have other things going on too, like needing to slow down or the pen needing a good cleaning, or flexing more than it can really handle
2) Dylon K.- Twitter – (14:27)
Could you do a comparison between Platinum Maki-e pens and Namiki Maki-e pens? Thanks! Also the GPC Team is wonderful!
  • sure! 
  • There are different grades of Maki-e, for certain
  • Both companies use a variety of different techniques, and the cost of the pen is fairly correlated to the time/skill involved in the Maki-e 
  • Check out our blog post from May 25, 2016 on Namiki Maki-e
  • Hira- flat Maki-e (easiest)
  • Togidashi- burnished (harder)
  • Taka- raised (hardest)
  • combinations of these can be used, to add complexity
  • Raden

Ink – (22:50)

3) nahnat- Instagram – (22:52)

What are some of the strangest and interesting inks you have tried? I just watched Brian’s video on noodlers blue nose bear and want to know if there are any other similarly weird inks!
(On Iroshizuku post) why exactly did they drop the price? I’ve been hearing different things, but mainly that the price will drop because the bottles are no longer handmade. Either way I’m happy, but I’m still curious!
  • there have been a lot of rumors flying around, no doubt
  • the bottles were previously made by hand
  • Pilot now sells them in quantities where machining them is economical, which drastically brings down the price
  • they will still be glass, I’m told you won’t even notice the difference
  • we likely won’t see them come through for a while, because Pilot USA is still working through old stock

Troubleshooting – (32:02)

5) aliaskiran- Instagram – (32:04)

I have a Pilot Decimo that I absolutely love, but sometimes it “spits” little droplets of ink when clicking it. I saw it suggested online to not submerge the nib completely in the ink when filling, to avoid it getting into nooks and crannies that are hard to clean, so now I always remove the cartridge and fill that with a syringe. That seemed to have done the trick, but now it’s happening again. Is this something you’ve encountered, and do you have any further suggestions that might fix it? Naturally I’d prefer the ink to land where I actually put the nib down, rather than unintentionally decorating my paper with colourful splatter. Love the Q&As, keep up the good work!
  • not submerging the ink when filling will help temporarily, but eventually may do it
  • I suspect there’s some use/carry/environmental factor here
  • I’ve never experienced it firsthand
  • I suspect ink has gotten into the trap door, and is being flicked out when you click it
  • rinse out the front section of the pen with water next time you think of it, see if that helps

Business – (37:38)

6) chudfumpy- Instagram – (37:39)

Brian, you started off making pens, you currently supply your own nibs, surely you must be itching to design and produce a complete fountain pen? “The Goulet Pen” or would business etiquette prohibit such a venture?

  • yes and no
  • manufacturing is a whole new setup from the operation we have going on
  • it’s something I’ve always considered getting back into since that’s part of our history
  • it’s yet to become a concrete plan, but we did get a larger space with this possibility in mind
  • there are likely other avenues we’d pursue first, like co-branding (Edison, Conklin)
QOTW: What would you hope to see someday in a Goulet pen? Features, colors, filling mechanism, price, etc? – (47:54)

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