Hey there, everybody, Jenn here, bringing you another fun Monday Matchup drawing. This week, I’m trying out the TWSBI Eco in Broad with J. Herbin 1798 Amethyste de l’Oural. I love my TWSBI 580AL; it’s definitely one of my favorite pens. I was excited to get the chance to use the Eco because I hadn’t tried one yet and I wanted to see if it would hold up to the standard my 580AL had set. Read on to hear how I created my piece and what I thought of the pen and ink.

I was inspired to create another mythical, magical piece because of this gorgeous ink. I love shimmer inks; I keep at least half of my pens inked up with shimmer inks at all times. I was fascinated by the deep purple shade and silver shimmer of Amethyste de l’Oural and wanted to create a piece as magical as the ink. What’s more magical than a unicorn?! I couldn’t think of a better fantasy creature to show off this fantasy ink.

I started by looking up images of horses so I could get a good idea of the shape of the unicorn’s head. I went with a “super close up” view, which I found easier to perfect. I really liked the look and thought it added a little mystique to the feel of my drawing. I began my drawing by outlining the unicorn’s ear and jawline. I knew I was going to use a water brush to add some depth, but I didn’t want to do the entire area because I wanted the end result to look like actual hair (or as close as I could get!). Having learned my lesson about wet ink with my mermaid drawing, I let the ear start drying while I moved down and worked on the unicorn’s eye. The ink was quite wet, and using it with a broad nib meant it was coming out fast and furious. I made sure to be very careful to keep my hands off of newly-laid ink, and I put the paper away several times to let it dry.

Once I was happy with the ear and eye, I used the water brush to lightly fill in the white space and created that fade look. Though unintentional, I liked it the result so I left it. I then went to work on what was, for me, the most intimidating part of the drawing – the horn. I was determined to do my best to get the horn to look like bone, as opposed to a cone with stripes. I drew the striations first, without outlining the horn, since I felt like that would give it a more natural appearance. I followed that by connecting each curved line to the next, going up the right side and down the left. To try to get more of a bone feel, I traced the whole horn, line-by-line, multiple times, to give it as much depth as possible. I finished up by using a clean, almost dry water brush to add a tiny bit of color.

I finished the drawing by adding the mane. I thought the broad nib might be problematic here, but it turned out that I didn’t need super fine lines to create the mane. The close-up nature of the drawing lent itself to thicker hair. The last step was to add the quote by Roald Dahl. I love this quote! I wanted something that went with the theme of shining and magic, and I think this quote was the perfect fit. The drawing didn’t turn out quite the way I had hoped so I might choose a different subject if I were to do this piece again, but I enjoy the end result.

This pen and ink combo was a home run for me! The Eco is lightweight and comfortable to hold. The piston filler is easy to use and the pen holds so much ink. Sooo much ink! Being a demonstrator was a big bonus; seeing the spectacular silvery shimmer of the J. Herbin Améthyste de l’Oural sloshing around inside the barrel made me smile every time I picked the Eco up. It really turned a somewhat understated pen into a stunner.  I prefer broad and stub nibs, and this broad nib did not disappoint. It laid down ink like that was its job. (Oh wait … I guess that is its job … ha!) It didn’t matter how many times I set the Eco down, it started back up again each time with absolutely no problems, never once having a skip or a hard start. On top of being so pretty, it really was a super reliable, workhorse of a pen.

This would be a fabulous pen and ink for letter writing! Can you imagine getting a beautifully penned letter in this gorgeous, shimmery ink? That would make anyone feel good. Depending on your journaling style, this pen and ink could work for that as well. If you BuJo, this combo would add a pop of color and a bit of pizzazz. If you write pages and pages, though, this ink is likely going to be too wet for you (although it might do okay in a fine or extra fine nib … try it out and let me know!). It’s also not the most professional of color choices, so using it in a work setting might not be the best choice. Obviously, it’s wonderful for drawing, fancy lettering, and that sort of creative artwork. I love this pen and ink and would use them again in a heartbeat.

You can find the TWSBI Eco available at GouletPens.com for $28.99.  J. Herbin 1798 Améthyste de l’Oural is available in a 50ml bottle for $26, a 2ml sample for $1.85.

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