While pens get a lot of love in the fountain pen community, ink is very much an essential part of the writing experience! In addition to a bounty of amazing pens that came out last year; there were a number of colorful, vibrant, and notable inks released as well. From special edition inks from LAMY to regular offerings from Organics Studio, each one of these inks made a big splash last year. Here is our list of the 5 Hottest Inks of 2018:

LAMY VibrantPink

  • First special edition ink from LAMY that has been available year round
  • Hot pink ink that’s surprisingly usable. Even those that might shy away from pink could work with this
  • Good shading for a pink ink and even had a little shimmer under the right circumstances which was a surprise to us
  • Definitely has some gold sheen as well
  • Won’t be around long in 2019, but LAMY is bringing a new Crystal line of inks this year that might make this list for 2019!

Colorverse Hayabusa

  • This is a shimmering purple ink which is always a popular combination
  • Being a dark purple ink, it reminded us a lot of LAMY Dark Lilac which was an insanely popular special edition ink in 2016
  • Like other Colorverse inks, this came as a pair. The larger bottle was a normal purple while the smaller bottle had the shimmer!
  • Gorgeous deep saturated purple and that’s definitely been in vogue

Monteverde DC Supershow Blue

  • Monteverde has really stepped up their ink game in the last two years, hitting full stride in 2018
  • This ink was released at the 2018 DC Pen Show, and is a dark blue with red sheen (which is very popular!)
  • Deeply saturated, performs well on different paper, and decent dry time for a color this dark
  • Luckily, it wasn’t just a special-edition ink for the pen show, but a regular offering from Monteverde

Colorverse Voyager 1 Set

  • Colorverse in general has been a very popular brand in 2018. Really ramped up with their first limited-edition set!
  • Set to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Voyager 1 Rocket
  • Set of four 15ml bottles (Golden Record, Jupiter Flyby, Interstellar Space, and Pale Blue Dot). Set of 1977
  • In general, Pens + Space = Yes
  • Good colors, great theming, and showed what Colorverse had in store for future sets (like The Standard Model)

Organics Studio Nitrogen

  • After carrying the brand a number of times, Goulet finally brought back Organics Studios ink in 2018
  • Organics Studio as a brand had a lot of buzz this year because of their high sheening inks, topped by Nitrogen
  • Nitrogen is a deep blue ink with an insane amount of sheen
  • It sheens on anything, even your finger or paper towel!
  • This sheen did not come without its drawbacks as it basically never dries and can smudge at any moment. It also is more prone to clogging than other inks, and is a general source of conversation on Goulet Nation
  • Haven’t seen this much talk over an ink since Noodler’s Baystate Blue (another wildly popular blue ink)
  • Despite its flaws, it outsold every other ink in 2018. Out of the 700 different ink colors we sell, this was #1 despite some out-of-stock issues early on.

That’s our list of hottest inks of 2018 but there’s plenty of honorable mentions! Did you find a new favorite in 2018? Leave a comment and let us know.

Write On,
The Goulet Pen Company