The holiday season is the perfect time of year to spread the joy of fountain pens. Chase away the cold-weather blues and spark the fires of writing passion within the heart of someone you love. If you want to gift the joy of fountain pens, but don’t know where to start, you’ll want to see our list! Below you will find 5 picks for great newbies gifts. For additional ideas, be sure to check out our Gifts for Newbies shopping guide!

Fountain Pen First Timer Package Set


This set has everything someone needs to achieve the ideal writing experience with the trifecta of a good pen, ink, and paper. Each set includes a beloved Pilot Metropolitan, a box of black cartridges, and a Rhodia No. 16 Notepad. The Metropolitan is the top choice of many for a first fountain pen for its ease of use and durable construction. Pair it with the classic Namiki Black cartridges for a mess-free, ready to write duo. The nib will glide easily across the Rhodia paper, leaving the writer stunned by the smoothness. Gift a truly memorable experience this holiday season with the Fountain Pen First Timer set.

Pilot Varsity Assorted Fountain Pen Set

For the loved one that loves color, you can’t pass up this set! The Pilot Varsity is the handiest fountain pen, it comes preloaded with a well behaved, colorful ink. The set features 7 of this workhorse pens with seven distinct colors, some of which are only available in these pens! Fountain pen fans, young and old, swear by these pens as constant performers and a perennial favorite.

TWSBI ECO Fountain Pen

The sheer variety of available ink colors is one of the top things new fountain pen users note when asked what made them switch to these great writing tools. Help your new convert fall in love by giving them a pen that puts that gorgeous ink on full display in a clear barrel. The TWSBI ECO writes like a dream and the clear demonstrator barrel showcases the magic of moving ink within the pen as you write. It’s one of our top picks for a great beginner pen.

Notebook Sampler Set

If your recipient has already been bestowed with a pen, the paper is a necessary next frontier. When they’re still stuck in the newbie mindset that all paper is created equal, you may need some reinforcements to show them otherwise. Our Notebook Sampler Set includes a variety of pocket-sized notebooks from our most popular brands and offers a chance to try different paper weights, textures, and ruling types. Help them find their paper brand of choice and dive into the next level of their fountain pen journey.

Best Sellers Ink Sample Set

Finding a great ink can be daunting with the hundreds of choices available on the market. We’ve removed the guesswork, grab this ink sample set full of trustworthy, reliable inks that are oft-chosen favorites of the fountain pen community. The Best Sellers ink sample set is comprised of 8 inks that continually frequent the packing slips and order invoices at Goulet Pens. There’s a great color variety too. Pair this set with an affordable pen and converter (like the Jinhao x750) for an inexpensive yet exciting gift.

What do you like to gift potential new fountain pen users?

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The Goulet Pen Company Team