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Goulet Q&A Episodes

Goulet Q&A is Brian’s weekly video format where he answers your fountain pen, ink, and paper questions. Every week we take your questions on YouTubeTwitterFacebookInstagram, and our blog, and answer them in the video.

Goulet Q&A Episode 257: Lots of Ink Questions!

 In this Goulet Q&A episode, Brian talks a lot about ink! Enjoy 😉 This week: Father's Day this past weekend LAMY Safari USA (Rollerball version) Visconti Da Vinci Machina LE Edison Premiere Limelight Platinum Matsu-Tora Retro 51 "The Shield" Lots of summer sales, check out our site and get emails bc they'll be changing each week! Pens/Writing 1) pravek.sinha- [...]

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Goulet Q&A Episode 256: Pilot Nibs, Women Pen Makers, and If Goulet Kids Will Take Over The Business

 In this Goulet Q&A episode, Brian talks about differences in Pilot nibs, women pen makers, and if his kids will takeover Goulet Pens. Enjoy! This week: Family time Riding my bike more with the weather being nice Volunteered at Rise Against Hunger Goulet sales starting for the summer Changed how we're doing "closeouts", now sales and deals Montegrappa Ammiraglio [...]

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Goulet Q&A Episode 255: Why Luxury Pens Are Large and If Brian Really Believes In The Products We Carry

In this Goulet Q&A episode, Brian talks about why nice pens are so large, if pens appreciate like art, and if he really believes in the products we carry. Enjoy! This week: Memorial Day weekend Herbert Belladonna TWSBI 580ALR Purple, restock soon 30ml Monteverde ink Esterbrook pen nooks Stipula Rainbow Tocco Ferro $216, steel nib, F. M, 1.1 piston, ink [...]

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Goulet Q&A Episode 254: Gifting Pens, Breaking Into the Pen Business, and Writing Inspiration

In this Goulet Q&A episode, Brian talks about gifting to experienced pen friends, best way to get into the pen business, and finding writing inspiration. Enjoy! This week: Celebrated Rachel's bday with her parents wrecked my bike, womp womp Nettuno 1911 Oceano Blue/White Swirl Pelikan M600 Violet-White Aurora 88 Cento LE Diplomat Aero Volute Pineider Honeycomb Prince Quill Edison Nouveau [...]

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Goulet Q&A Episode 253: Urushi Pen Care, Easy Pens to Clean, Nib Smoothness

 In this Goulet Q&A episode, Brian talks about urushi pen care, easy pens to clean, and nib smoothness. Enjoy! This week: Disney World! Retro 51 Stan Opus 88 EF nibs Quo Vadis Habanas with white paper again! Montegrappa Moonlandings Stipula Tocco Ferro Purple and Clear new Visconti Medici colors Endless Notebooks Monteverde Giant Sequoias, MV pens on sale Pens/Writing [...]

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Goulet Q&A Episode 252: Cult of New, Defending Pen Costs to Strangers, and When Brian Will Fire A Customer

In this episode, I talk about the Cult of New, defending your pen costs to strangers, and when I will fire a customer. Enjoy! This week: Went to wedding in NY last weekend, great to see family, talked about social media Changed notecards this week, very supportive response, thank you! taking off next week, Disneyworld! Pretty quiet on the new [...]

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Goulet Q&A Episode 251, Sharing Pens, Who Should Use Fountain Pens, and Special Edition Availability

In this episode, I talk about sharing pens with your spouse, who should use fountain pens, and special edition availability. Enjoy! This week: Easter, family time LAMY Safari Pastels BENU Titan TWSBI Eco Transparent Orange   Pens/Writing 1) bbdcky- Instagram  Is it okay to share fountain pens longterm? My husband and I share our fountain pen collection but I heard [...]

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Goulet Q&A Episode 250: Best Broad Nibs, Testing Pens You Can’t Hold, and Best Gripped Pens Under $50

 In this Goulet Q&A episode, Brian talks about the best broad nibs, testing pens you can't hold, and best gripped pens under $50. Enjoy! The last couple of weeks: spring break with kids fridge issues Charleston trip Lamy Safari Pastels! BENU Hexagon Titan Kaweco Supra Brass Montegrappa Mini Mule Conklin Duraflex Turquoise Aurora Edo Cento Diplomat Excellence Oxyd Coming [...]

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Goulet Q&A Episode 249: Pen Enthusiast Demographics, Most Popular Pen Color, and Which Pen Brian Would Revive From History!

 In this Goulet Q&A episode, Brian talks about demographics of the average pen enthusiast, the most popular color of pen we sell, and which pen he'd resurrect from the past! This week: great family weekend taking two weeks off Q&A, family time and work conference Pilot 100th anniversary ink, 7 Gods pens Ebisu (Light Blue) Daikoku-ten (Yellow) Bishamon-ten (Red) [...]

March 29th, 2019|0 Comments

Goulet Q&A Episode 248: 3D Printed Pens, Heirloom Pens, and Clipless Pens

 In this Goulet Q&A episode, Brian talks about 3D printed pens, what makes pens "heirloom quality", and clipless pens. This week: Been doing more woodworking in my spare time LAMY Crystal inks Montegrappa Game of Thrones revival Kaweco Frosted Sports and Perkeo All Black Spring Premiere- Trunk Bay Soon: Namiki 100th anniversary pens and ink Pilot Custom 74 Teal [...]

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