Hi, fountain pen friends! It’s Lydia and this month, I’m excited to share with you my inksploration for the new 1798 anniversary ink from Jacques Herbin, the alluring Kyanite du Népal! Herbin makes some very lovely inks and I always enjoy their shimmering inks so I was excited to play around with this one.

Drawing Inspiration and Technique

This summer has been a hot one here in Virginia. On the day, I completed this drawing, it was nearly 100˚F. The first thing I think of in this kind of weather is a cool, refreshing cone of ice cream. The icy blue hue of this ink lent itself well to this theme as well. So I decided to draw a dripping ice cream cone.

I lightly sketched out the way I wanted the ice cream cone to look and did a few practice runs. I did the majority of the work for this piece with a water brush pen because I was simply fascinated by the color variations this ink produces. I started with a swatch of ink at the bottom of the page so I could pull from that as I needed to get more color. I placed the outline of the cone and ice cream scoops then filled them in so the darker shades formed the edges and the middle of the piece was lighter. I used the swatch of color to fill in more depth and shading as well. Then I created the puddle of melted ice cream and drew some drip drops coming off the cone.

I left all of that to dry for a while before I came back to do detail work. I used a TWSBI Eco 1.1mm Stub to outline the cone and ice cream scoops and draw in the waffle pattern on the cone. Then I grabbed a TWSBI Medium to sketch on some sprinkles (or Jimmies if you prefer that term).

I was hoping more of the sparkle would come through in the drawing but I can definitely appreciate the subtle sparkle this ink offers. If you are looking for ink with a little pop, but not a lot of in-your-face sparkle, Kyanite du Népal is the choice for you! I love that it helped my drawing look like a tasty summer treat.

Ink Review

  • Flow- Medium
    • Flows nicely from all pens
    • the shimmer doesn’t seem to affect the flow
  • Dry Time- 30+ Seconds
    • This ink can be quicker drying if laid down lightly
    • but thick lines will take more than 30 seconds to dry
    • Probably dry around the 45-second mark
  • Water Resistance- Low
    • This ink gets washed away as soon as water makes contact
  • Shading- Medium
    • That is some color variation in writing
    • subtle differences between the swabs in the ink review
  • How did the ink behave on other papers?
    • The ink performs well on all types of paper
    • I didn’t notice any feathering and it only bleedthrough the page when I was doing things with splatters
  • Special Features Worth Noting?
    • It’s a shimmer ink, but the shimmer is subtle in my experience
    • Didn’t clog my pens, just gave them a twirl between my hands occasionally to keep the particulate suspended

Comparable Inks



What is your favorite jewel-toned ink?

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