Hi there! My name is Katie, I am a fulfillment supervisor here at Goulet. I am delighted to share with you my Inksploration journey with Jacques Herbin Vert Amazone, a fun, playful ink that brought me back to my happy place during the busy hustle of the day. Read on to hear why you should get some of this ink for yourself!

Drawing Inspiration and Technique

Jacques Herbin Vert Amazone

Vert Amazone reminds me of a walk through the woods, which is one of my happy places! I also love rich, vibrant inks and this one checked off both of those boxes for me. The color flowed really nicely from the TWSBI ECO in Broad that I was using. For my drawing, I knew that I wanted to draw something inspired by nature because that’s where green inks naturally take me. As far back as I can remember, I’ve always enjoyed doodling flowers: in the margins of my notes at school, with sidewalk chalk, or in a foggy window. Even though poinsettias aren’t exactly flowers, they are a classic symbol for the winter months and the layers of leaves looked very enticing to draw. So that’s what I went with for my drawing.

A drawing made using Jacques Herbin Vert Amazone ink

I started at the center, with the berries, and filled out my poinsettia adding several lush layers of leaves. I am excited to say that was my very first time using a brush pen! I enjoyed using it to fill in the color of the outer leaves, allowing a bit of dry time before adding the finishing details. This Jacques Herbin color helped bring life into my doodle and I was very pleased with the finished product.

Ink Review

Jacques Herbin Vert Amazone

  • Flow- Medium
    • It felt somewhere in the middle for me but leaning slightly more towards dry.
    • The ink flowed easily from my pen but I still experienced some feedback when writing.
  • Dry Time- 30+ Seconds
    •  When I did the smear test, it was still wet at the 30-second mark.
  • Water Resistance- Low
    • After the drip test, there was very little ink left on the areas that got wet.
  • Shading- Low to Medium

    • I noticed some mild shading while I was writing and most notably during the swab test
  • How did the ink behave on other papers?
    • Vert Amazone appeared more vivid and intense on the Tomoe paper
    • It appeared a bit more even-toned on the Leuchtturm paper.
    • I couldn’t detect any sheen on either but I did notice the slightest bit of ghosting.
    • I was pleased with the way it behaved on the range of papers I tried.
  • Special Features Worth Noting?
    • The Jacques Herbin bottles are gorgeous!
    • They have a timeless but modern feel and I love the square shape of them.
    • I could see them making a bold statement in any ink display.

Jacques Herbin Vert Amazone ink on Tomoe River paper

Comparable Inks

Jacques Herbin Vert Amazone compared to similar inks

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