Monteverde Regatta Limited Edition History

Featuring alternating bands of carbon fiber and other materials, the Monteverde Regatta has been one of our most popular showstopper fountain pens over the last five years. Here’s a visual look at the limited editions that have been released:

2020: Regatta Explorers Walnut


2020: Regatta Sport Rosewood

2018: Regatta Flagship Rose Gold

2018: Regatta Sport Northern Lights

2015: Regatta Sport Rose Gold


Do you have a favorite Regatta? Leave a comment below and let us know! Be sure to check out GouletPens.com for the current lineup of Regattas and more information on these unique fountain pens.

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Goulet Q&A Episode 283: Best Pens to Dismantle, Rose Gold Ink, and Prepping for Long-Term Storage

In this Goulet Q&A episode, Brian talks about pens he loves to dismantle, rose gold ink, and how to have strong relationship between a retailer and pen manufacturer. Enjoy!


1) amberschmidt22- Instagram (1:08)

How should you prep your pens for long term storage? Should you disassemble them?

  • it’s pretty simple, really, just clean them and ideally make sure they’re dry
  • dismantling them is not ideal, it just means you could lose parts, mix them up, damage them, get dust/etc in them, just keep them together
  • if you mean disassembling for cleaning, like doing a really thorough cleaning? That’s not a bad idea, it depends on the pen though
  • basically, just try to get them back as close to the state they were when you bought them new, and they’ll be good to store

2) heidisnell- Instagram (7:57)

Most fun pen to clean/take apart?

  • it’s a tie for me, probably
  • TWSBI 580(AL)- seems to trip up some folks, I’ve got the knack for it though
  • Noodler’s Boston Safety Pen– cool bc it’s a unique design and doesn’t require any tools, a great tinkering pen
  • Honorable mention to the Kaweco Supra, which you can mostly take apart while it’s inked!

3) @legalshemndrik- Twitter (12:18)

Am I the only one who can never tell if I’m filling up my Visconti Homo Sapiens properly and finding it impossible to gauge if there’s ink in the chamber?

  • you’re in good company there!
  • there are many other pens where you don’t have a solid gauge on how full the ink is, but this is one of the few power-fillers (vacuum fillers) which are a little tricky inherently
  • best way is to pump it 2-3 times in the ink, then pull the nib out of the ink and pump it again, you should see a lot of ink come out, then you know you had a good fill, put back in the ink, and pump it 2-3 times again
  • you really can’t tell when it’s running low until the nib runs dry
  • I like to use the Visconti Traveling Inkwell (or Pineider Pen Filler), you get a fuller fill and then you always have ink with you to refill
  • they do make Homo Sapiens in the Skylight with an ink window or Limited Editions with clear bodies so you don’t have to guess so much


4) t3ha1t- Instagram (20:04)

What are good inks that go with rose gold? Some of the reds seem too harsh.

5) @kimlindseyOH- Twitter (23:23)

So many sheening inks have a red sheen… Are there any blue inks with a green sheen, or green inks with a bue sheen? Why is it always red? That’s my one turn-off for Emerald of Chivor: why couldn’t the sheen be blue or green?

6) i.c.u.r.1.2- Instagram (27:23)

What can I do if I really dislike the color of a bottle of ink I bought?

  • This is always a bit of a gamble, right?
  • we (and other retailers) really can’t take used ink back, and may not cost enough to be worth the trouble anyway (depends)
  • you can resell it, perhaps, recoup some of the cost
  • donate it to another pen lover
  • keep it for ink mixing/experiments
  • consider what else you could use it for (ink washing/watercolor)
  • throw it out
  • keep it and revisit it later
  • the best thing can be to try to avoid it in the first place, which is where samples can really come in handy
  • in the end, it’s sometimes a calculated risk and you gotta do what feels right for you


7) bradthebear1- Instagram (32:27)

How are good relationships established between a pen manufacturer and a retailer?

  • this is an interesting side of things that you all don’t really get to see so much of
  • You do sometimes get to see us work together, like Dante Del Vecchio coming here and shooting videos with us
  • our relationship is often two-fold, with both distributors (who may carry multiple brands and knows the local market better) and with manufacturers who know their products better but are a little more insulated from end-user feedback and local market preferences
  • whatever arrangement there is, it’s really all just people, from the end-user all the way up through the raw material suppliers the manufacturers buy from, everything is people
  • Communication (and trust) are the #1 issue, and the better you communicate, the more trust you have with each other, and the more your goals and values are aligned, the more successful that relationship will be
  • We view it really as a partnership, and we should all care about similar things
  • The better we understand each other and feel that synergy, the better, faster, more inspired products you’re likely to see

Question of the Week: What do you do with ink you no longer like? (42:33)

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Our 5 Favorite Slim Pens

We love fountain pens of all sizes, but there’s something especially elegant about a long slender fountain pen. We’ve gathered some of our favorite thin pens that are perfect for fitting in tight places like pen loops and small cases.

The solid Traveler’s Company Brass Fountain Pen is portable and ready to go on an adventure with you. This small pen has a handy snap cap and fills using convenient cartridges.

The LAMY CP1 is a stylish example of minimalist design. Available in either platinum or black, this practical pen is barely wider than a traditional No. 2 pencil!

The elegant Platinum Carbon Desk Pen has a long wandlike silhouette and features a gold-plated steel nib. Want a constant companion at your desk? Get yourself the Platinum Desk Pen Base. It’s made to work perfectly with this pen.

The slender Kaweco Liliput is a fashionable pen that will fit easily in your hand. Available in shining Copper or hand-torched Fireblue.

Although the Aurora Hastil Cento is slender, it makes a huge visual impact. This stunning pen has a 14kt solid rose gold nib and was created for Aurora’s 100th anniversary.

Do you prefer slender pens?

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Franklin-Christoph Limited Edition History

Here’s a visual look back on the previous yearly limited edition fountain pens we’ve done in collaboration with Franklin-Christoph! Each pen was a Goulet-exclusive and produced in very small quantities.

2020: Model 31 Orion

2019: Model 31 Cosmic Dust

Do you have a favorite collaboration we’ve done with Franklin-Christoph? Let us know in the comments below!

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5 Reasons To Pick Up Your Fountain Pen Again

It happens to all of us. Life gets busy and our pens get buried and put away, going without use for weeks or months. So if you’re finding yourself in need of some inspiration to change that this year, here are 5 reasons to pick up your fountain pen again.

Write and mail a thank you letter

Who doesn’t love coming home to a happy piece of mail! In today’s world, seeing someone’s handwriting and knowing they took time to stop and think of you will mean the world. Drop a line to your parents, cousins, or college roommate. Try using shimmer ink and give them something to ask you about when they write you back!

Keep a gratitude journal

One of our core values here at Goulet Pens is “express gratitude” so we firmly believe in the power of gratitude. Pick out a new journal and make a new habit to either start or end your day recording 1-3 things that you are thankful for. You might just see your perspective on things take a shift.

Transcribe a quote you love and leave it somewhere visible in your house

Have a current song you love or passage from a book or author that inspires you? Take a few moments to grab your favorite pen and ink combo to write it out for yourself and hang it by your sink so you see it while you wash dishes or near your mirror while you brush your teeth.

Jot down a few goals you’re working on

Are you working towards reading a book a month or eating at home instead of getting takeout? Write down your top goals in a journal to spend a few extra minutes keeping it top of mind. Come back and visit your journal every month to see how your progress is going.

Leave a note for your spouse, roommate, or coworker

Surprises are fun, especially in note form! Pick up some small notecards and write a quick note of love, thanks, or simply “have a great day!” to someone you see often. It’s guaranteed to bring a smile to their face when they find it on their desk, in the car, or in their lunchbox.

What inspires you to pick up your fountain pen? Leave a comment so we can all get writing again!

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Montegrappa Queen and Winter is Here Limited Edition Pens

Montegrappa has never been a brand to shy away from the extravagant and opulent when it comes to fountain pen designs. New to Goulet Pens in 2020 are two new designs that will appeal to fans around the world while showcasing a craftsmanship and attention to detail worthy of the price tag.

The Montegrappa Queen: A Night at the Opera celebrates Queen’s amazing musical career with a showstopping pen. Each fountain pen features sterling silver and enameled resin body, sterling silver trim, and a crown studded with blue sapphires, rubies, and diamonds. The design is inspired by the album A Night at the Opera’s cover art which features the legendary Queen Crest that was designed by lead singer Freddie Mercury.

There are 555 fountain pens available worldwide (5:55 is the length of the Bohemian Rhapsody song) and each one features a piston filling mechanism with an 18kt gold nib. Each pen comes in a deluxe lacquered wooden case with the Queen Crest in gold foil.

The Montegrappa Winter is Here is the fountain pen that every Game of Thrones fan would love to own. An intricate design that features The Night King, White Walkers, and Viserion (an ice-breathing dragon) is created with precious metals, vibrant gems, and handcrafted enamel. Each pen comes presented in an elegantly themed lacquered wooden box with a bottle of blue ink, custom booklet, and is individually numbered out of 300. This is a piston filling fountain pen with an 18kt gold nib.

What do you think of these amazing fountain pens? Are there any shows or musicians you’d like to see a fountain pen design based off of? Let us know in the comments below.

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