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Conklin Duragraph/Duraflex History

A visual look back at all of the Conklin Duragraph (and Duraflex) Fountain Pens that have been available to us. The Duraflex term tends refer to an individually numbered limited edition out of 1898, whereas the Duragraph generally refers to regular editions or non-numbered special edition runs. October 2021: Abalone Nights January 2021: Full Rainbow January 2021: Matte Black/Rainbow November 2020: Conklin Duragraph Demo/Rose Gold October 2020: Conklin Duragraph Demo/Black and Conklin Duragraph Demo/Silver. January 2020: Water, Earth, and Fire. These are part of the Elements collection. November 2019: Black Matte / Rose Gold.  A Goulet Exclusive, limited edition color that [...]

Visconti Homo Sapiens Limited Edition History

The Homo Sapiens is one of Visconti's most popular pen models using the Visconti 'Hook Safe Lock', a revolutionary capping system so you can cap a pen without worrying about the cap accidentally unscrewing in your pocket and leaking. The fountain pen features Visconti's patented Double Reservoir Power Filler, a unique filling system that allows a greater ink capacity. All of these limited editions colors come numbered. Here is a visual look back at all of the limited edition colors of the Visconti Homo Sapiens. October 2021: Ember March 2021: Tuscan Hills  2020: Blue Lagoon 2019: Midnight in Florence 2018: [...]

Edison Nouveau Premiere Special Edition History

A visual look back at all of our special seasonal editions and limited editions of the Edison Nouveau Premiere fountain pen. This exclusive model was our very first collaboration with the Edison Pen Company. May 2021: Ecto Purple Winter 2020: Aquarius Fall 2019: Smoky Amber   Summer 2019: Limelight   Spring 2019: Trunk Bay   Winter 2019: Juniper and Cranberry   Fall 2018: Galaxia   Summer 2018: Tequila Sunrise   Spring 2018: Purple Reign   Winter 2018: Frost and Nightfall   Fall 2017: Bonfire   Summer 2017: Delphinium   Spring 2017: Seaglass   Winter 2017: Arctic Currents (ebonite)   Fall [...]

Platinum #3776 Century Limited Edition History

A visual look back at all of the annual limited edition Platinum #3776 Century fountain pens that have been available in the United States. The Platinum #3776 Century fountain pen is made in Japan, and features a resin barrel and cap with a 14kt gold nib, and fills via cartridge/converter. 2021: Kinshu  2020: Shiun 2019: North American Exclusive Carnelian 2019: Rokka, the 3rd color in the Fuji Shunkei series. The Fuji Shunkei series features a lineup of fountain pens inspired by the seasonal scenery of Mount Fuji. Mount Fuji gets surrounded by a pure world filled with cold air in the [...]

LAMY Studio Special Edition History

A visual look back at all of the annual special edition LAMY Studio fountain pens that have been available in the United States, at least as long as we've been around. :) 2021: Black Forest 2020: Glacier 2019: Aquamarine and Lx Black 2018: Olive and Terracotta   2017: Racing Green 2014: Wild Rubin   2012: Royal Red   2009: Violet Do you own a LAMY Studio? To view more of our special edition history blogs, click here. Write on, The Goulet Pen Company

Stipula Ventidue Limited Edition History

A visual look back at the limited edition pens in the Stipula Ventidue (Tocco Ferro) collection. All of these pens are handmade in Florence, Italy and feature a translucent ink window. The metal used for the body and cap of most of these pens is specially formulated with a heavy component of iron. "Tocco Ferro" is an Italian phrase that translates to "iron touch", which is an equivalent to the "knock on wood" expression, like a gesture of good luck. March 2021: Stipula Ventidue Copper Touch Limited Edition   November 2020 - Stipula Ventidue Silver Touch Limited Edition   November [...]

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