We have a battle for the ages as two of our most popular starter pens are going to duke it out to see who will reign supreme! Favorites among newbies and enthusiasts alike, both the Pilot Metropolitan and LAMY Safari offer a great writing experience for under $30! Let’s take a closer look at our two challengers:

LAMY Safari

  • Made in Germany, very Bauhaus-inspired
  • Wide variety of colors with annual special editions
  • European nib sizing, available in EF, F, M, B 1.1mm stub, 1.5mm, and 1.9mm
  • Weighs 17g and made of resin
  • $29.60 Price Tag

Pilot Metropolitan

  • Made in Japan
  • Many regular colors, but no special editions
  • Japanese nib sizing, finer detail
  • Available in F, M, 1.0mm stub
  • Weighs 26g and made of lacquered metal
  • $23.99 Price Tag

Now that we have some of the technical specs and facts out of the way, why might you choose one over the other? Adrianne from our Customer Care team sides with the LAMY Safari for a number of reasons. The ergonomic triangular grip and lightweight design make it a great option for longer writing sessions. The nibs are easily swappable throughout various LAMY models including the Safari, so you can go from an Extra-Fine nib to 1.9mm stub nib in the blink of an eye, offering dramatic line variation. The Safari is also built with very intentional design choices as well, such as the converter notches lining up exactly where it needs to be installed, making it that much easier to use.

Colin, our Community Coordinator, plants his flag for the Pilot Metropolitan. He argues that the heavier body gives the pen a more substantial and durable feel while also having a more classic design. The Japanese-styled nib allows for a finer line which makes it a great choice for students who use cheaper paper. The Metropolitan also comes with a converter, which the Safari doesn’t! This adds to the savings as you don’t need to shell out another $6 for a converter to use your favorite bottled ink right away.

Get more information and read reviews of these two amazing workhorse fountain pens by checking out GouletPens.com!

Now where do you stand on this heated debate? Which side do you stand on? Leave a comment below and let us know if you’re Team Safari or Team Metropolitan!

Write On,
The Goulet Pen Company Team