Hi there, fountain pen friends. Lydia and Colin here again to bring you another exciting pen battle for the ages. This week, we’ve got the Kaweco Perkeo versus the Pilot Kakuno. It’s the battle of the bright and bold pens here on the Goulet Pens blog today. Read our thoughts below, then cast your vote.

Kaweco Perkeo

Hi everyone! I’m Lydia and I am pleased to tell you why I love the Perkeo. I was drawn to this pen from the moment we announced we were going to carry it. The colors are bright and cheery and the pen has an almost cartoon-like appearance to it with its oversized cap and geometric body. Once I learned the names for each of the colors of the pen, I got an even greater chuckle. My favorite color combo turned out to be named “Bad Taste,” which in my opinion is reserved for only those with the best taste. The price point of the Perkeo is another feature to love, as they retail for only $17! That’s pretty amazing. The Perkeo takes a standard international converter and comes ready to go with a Standard International Short cartridge and cartridge spacer already inside. Whether you buy one for yourself to use every day or carry around in a purse or bag so your never without a pen or even if you choose to give it to a school child as a gift, you can’t beat the price of the Perkeo.

The construction and components of the Perkeo sure deliver too. The nib is so smooth and a joy to write with. The resin body and cap are sturdy and can handle some rough and tumble, take anywhere action. The pen features a slightly molded grip, which unlike some other pen models, is not distracting at all. The grip is structured enough to guide little fingers into proper pen holding placement but not distracting for those of us that may have alternate pen gripping methods. It is truly a pen for all ages.

  • Great colors
  • Fantastic price point- even with the converter added on
  • Smooth writer
  • Can take a converter or cartridges
  • Slightly molded grip, not distracting or uncomfortable
  • Great for writers of all ages

You can find the Kaweco Perkeo in these fun colors at GouletPens.com, starting at $17.

Pilot Kakuno

Hey guys, Colin here, ready to convince you of how awesome the Kakuno is! What’s not to love about this playful pen? Equipped with a smiley or winky faced nib, this affordable offering will always bring joy to your writing experience. Curious about the name? Kakuno means ‘to write’ in Japanese, and that’s exactly what it’s ready to do.¬†At $13.50, the Kakuno can hang with pens 5 times the cost!

As I mentioned in our last Pen Battle, I love the Pilot Con-70 converter. It’s a lot of fun to use and has a huge ink capacity. Usually reserved for the elite Pilot writing tools, the Kakuno is also compatible with this powerhouse converter. Sure, an $11.50 converter on a $13.50 pen might seem excessive (OK, it probably is), but doesn’t make it any less enjoyable!

2018 is really the year to fall in-love with the Kakuno. With the recent additions of the Pilot Hand Lettering sets, the nib options available on the Kakuno skyrocketed, with EF, F, M, Fine Stub, and Medium Stub. Also, beyond the sleek gray body or the cheerful white body, they’ve also added a clear option! Now you can really appreciate the ink swirling around in that Con-70…

You can grab this pen for just $13.50 which is a steal in my opinion! To summarize:

  • Smiling Nib
  • Affordable Pilot Pen
  • Con-70 Compatible
  • So many nib options!
  • Demonstrator body option

Leave us a comment as well letting us know the why behind your choice! What pen battle should we do next? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Write on,
Lydia & Colin